Tips to Extend the Life of your Home Appliances

Many homeowners never realize that their everyday actions affect the performance of their major home appliances. You could be harming your major appliances without really knowing until when you have to make an emergency repair call. As you abuse or neglect your major home appliances, you’re simply bringing an earlier-than-expected end of their service life. Don’t forget that replacing appliances like a freezer, an oven, a dryer or a refrigerator will require a lot of money which means your budget will be affected. To ensure that your major appliances serve you well and have an extended lifespan, follow these tips.

Scrub your Oven

Allowing food debris to stay and stick in your oven burners will certainly affect the performance of your oven over time. It’s recommended to regularly clean the inside of your even. If there’s food debris that might have stuck inside, use grease to remove it. According to experts, spraying cleaning fluid directly on your oven control panels can result in short-circuiting of your appliance. You should instead consider applying a little of the spraying fluid onto a rag before cleaning that surface.

Remember not to use aluminum foil under the baking element of your oven.

Defrost your Freezer

Despite the fact that modern freezers being used in homes today are frost-free, some homeowners still use manual defrost freezers. If you’re part of this group, it’s important that you defrost your freezer at least once a year. Be sure to do this before the frost develops to about a half an inch in thickness within the freezer.

Always make sure your Freezer and Fridge are Clean

Failure to clean your refrigerator and freezer in the condenser area will affect the life of your appliance. It’s important that you ensure that the condenser coils at the bottom unit of your fridge remain clean always. It’s recommended to clean using a condenser coil brush before vacuuming the area. Be sure to also clean up leftovers in your refrigerator on a regular basis. Before you start cleaning your freezer, make sure it is unplugged, and all the food is removed first. Consider using baking-soda solution when cleaning and water when rinsing your freezer. Ensure the appliance is dry before plugging it back in.

Don’t Overload Cloths in your Washing Machine

A major cause of premature wear out in washing machines is overloading. Another thing that can affect the performance of your washing machine is not having the proper setting of water level for the amount of clothes you’re washing. While you could be in a hurry and it might seem so easy to cram as many clothes into your appliance as possible, understand that this will force your washing machine to work harder than it should thereby stressing its parts.

Improve your Dryer’s Circulation

Dryers that seem to take more time to dry a standard sized load often require vent cleaning to solve the problem. It’s recommended to regularly clean the lint screen to prevent the vent from becoming clogged. Failure to clean the dryer vent will cause it to work harder which will not only affect its performance but also present a serious fire hazard.